Wij zijn te dom

A sic twist

I'm not a virologist. Rather a detective with a bunch of intuition.

I see too much that isn't right. I see victims, human rights violations, measures that limit us and a vaccine that does not a lot of good. I see a government without an alibi and globalists with motive. A world that drifts like a rudderless ship, but collides with every ice floe in its path. Are you sure that no one secretly charts that course?

I see a group of capitalist globalists that tells us they want to save the world, that capitalism is bad and globalism is good. I foresee that they actually mean that democracy and freedom are bad and a socialist dictatorship good. The condition is, of course, that they will have the power to rule. Kind of like North Korea, where a population owns nothing and the family Kim and the docile bosses live in royal wealth.

I see a virus that probably comes from a lab and a vaccine that was in the starting blocks before the outbreak. And I see that vaccinated people are allowed to import the virus for free after their holidays and unvaccinated who pay import duties. In France, only vaccinated people are still allowed to enter the cafes.

What a complete mess. A test for the unvaccinated, while the vaccinated can enter unhindered? Vaccinated people also have a duty to stand up to this injustice because it is also their freedom that is at stake. There are millions of people who bleat that this is about public health, but it certainly isn't. It makes no difference to infection and contagiousness. Vaccinated people become infected just as easily as unvaccinated people and are just as contagious. Apartheid therefore makes no sense at all.

Yet under government leadership, unvaccinated people are increasingly being labeled an ethnic minority that is dirty, antisocial and contagious. They just don't have to wear an emblem on their jacket. Don't be manipulated: They do not want to end this covid-crisis swiftly, but prolong it. It's a divide and conquer tactic; groups are played off against each other to limit the freedom and enter a digital ID.

Vaccinated people should not laugh, happy with their privileged position in society, but should stand up against this injustice, out of solidarity and before it hits them just as hard! It is time for a general strike like during the German occupation to show that we mean business and must get rid of apartheid and the dictatorial digital ID.

According to many, the economy in the west is about to collapse. If the economy collapses, globalism will also end and the world will fall back on local economies that will be self-sufficient, small-scale and human scale. It will mean the end of the consumer society, but also the end of the power of the multinationals and globalists.

Despite all the beautiful words of the WEF, it's just about power and selfishness at the expense of the people. But yes, this group has also grown like that, so it's not so surprising.

Suppose they succeed, suppose they can continue to cheat, do you really think that there will be but any of their plans come to fruition? The vaccine is a flop. The fight against environmental problems by the group that caused them will be an even bigger fiasco. The corona fraud is huge and the censorship is cringe-inducing. It's a foretaste of what is to come if we give this group of self-righteous power-hungry idiots carte blanche. The empire of the globalists will also fall apart again and the multinationals and globalists will fight each other for the last remnants of the ruined earth. There will only be losers.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

The globalists who now hold sway are raping the earth and only represent the coldest in man. We still have the chance to remain human in a human world in which we can interact normally, warmly and emotionally. We can simply withdraw from the global economy, along with countless other countries, because The Netherlands is not the only country threatened by these idiots.

Stop this consumer society and globalization immediately, become self-sufficient in a local economy, then these kind of people are sidelined and our environmental problems are also immediately resolved. Then we can leave this sham society behind us and return in a controlled manner to a human world on a human scale, without AI or algorithms, but with each other.