Wij zijn te dom

In Medieval Europe, Jews were blamed for spreading the Plague. In Nazi Germany, Jews were seen as a danger to German society. Now it's the unvaccinated.

In more and more countries, unvaccinated people are being banned. Many vaccinated people think that's fine. They are indoctrinated by the propaganda of the government and secretly laugh because they are welcome everywhere. They have climbed one step on the social ladder. But they do not see that the ladder is placed in the quicksand that will swallow them too.

That same short-sightedness characterizes the idolatry of the injection. First, people are cheated with a vaccine that you have to take to protect others. Anyone who doesn't take it is apparently anti-social. Later it turns out that this is not true at all. Vaccinated people are just as contagious and so easily infected. They are infected just as long and become reinfected much more often. The argument that people should take the shot to protect each other therefore makes no sense. You don't hear that from the government, because how else are they supposed to justify their anti-social green pass?

People don't look beyond the end of their noses. The green pass that is making its appearance was already in the starting blocks before the corona crisis. It only took two camps to enter it. The camp of the decent docile citizen who had had the shot and the camp of the dirty egoïstic uneducated dumb sceptics.

Do the vaccinated really think that this green pass will only be used to keep that dirty sceptic out? Hurry, if you miss your third shot you will be excommunicated too.

People are so shortsighted. They always want an immediate solution, but they don't look at the long term. Now people are still happy with a shot, because it is thought that it protects against physical and social discomfort. In the long run, the jab is disastrous. It's very simple: your body is stimulated with the vaccine to elicit a very specific antibody response against the Wuhan variant; the jab is much less effective against Delta and future variants. It's not for nothing that a third shot is on the way. You become totally dependent on the pharmaceuticals.

Anyone with common sense knows that everything that multiplies mutates. You're not going to tell me they didn't see the variants coming. The pharmaceutical industry has profited from the ignorance of the people and the cunning of politics. Now millions of people are stuck with a vaccine that works poorly and temporarily and limits the immune system. Vaccinated people will never achieve sterilizing immunity and will continue to provide new variants. Thanks to the vaccination we can forget about herd-immunity and the government will have the opportunity to prolong the crisis indefinitely.

Hitler said: "It is true that we have taken discriminatory measures, but they are not so much directed against the Jews as they are for the German people." Fortunately, there was no question of coercion there either. The Jews were not supposed to go to the camps, they were simply not allowed to be anywhere else.

As long as a very large group in our society does not realize that the government is twisting the truth and manipulating the people, the people cannot legitimately stand up en masse and take back their power. And until that moment, Mark Rutte is just right when he quotes Abraham Kuyper.