Wij zijn te dom


Ethics is for the faint of heart.

Our ethic is: You must not hit anyone.

Why not? Well very simple, because you don't want to be beaten yourself. You can't steal because you don't want to be robbed yourself. You can't do a lot of things because you don't want it to happen to yourself.

Our vulnerability dictates our ethics. It's a way to protect ourselves. But it's not just our vulnerability, it's also our empathy. If we cannot empathize with the suffering of another, how can we identify with it?

A number of people on this earth have broken free from the shackles of ethics. Because of their upbringing or anger, the ability to be empathetic has not developed.

Unfortunately, it is these people who often do best on the social-economic ladder. They kick down and have no regard for others. They are lonely and alone and cannot possibly identify with others, let alone communicate normally and openly.

They are untouchably hidden behind a wall of logic and power to protect themselves from everyone, far from their vulnerable feeling. In fact, they are the scariest of all, only they don't realize it.

Wouldn't it therefore be more ethical to take them back into humanity by reminding them of their vulnerability, so that they can then feel what it is to be human again, stripped of their power?