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It is not easy for healthy people to become infected. I've tried it many times. I hugged and kissed as much as possible. I had almost given up hope when I got the chance to get coughed at by multiple symptomatic positives in my face. And finally it worked.

It made it clear to me that you had to do quite a bit to overcome your innate immune system. It is like a fire brigade that is so good at extinguishing that you really have to go to some trouble in order for the to have a chance.

There are still a lot of people who believe in the fairy tale that you can get rid of corona by vaccinating everyone. The fact that it is precisely the other way around. It is so much easier for vaccinated people to get infected.

In the United Kingdom, 90 percent of infected people aged 18+ have been vaccinated. There are countless countries where almost everyone is vaccinated and where the number of cases is higher than ever. The boosters make no change at all.

While the number of hospital admissions and deaths are fairly similar to the vaccination rate, it differs considerably in the case of infections. Double vaccinated people in the United Kingdom are now three times more likely to become infected. What is the reason that vaccinated people become infected so much faster?

Yale epidemiologist Prof.Dr. Harvey Risch established on the basis of British government figures that people who take a vaccine after a corona infection have a demonstrably worse immune response. Something in the vaccine damages the natural defences. It ensures that people never become immune again and therefore become dependent on the injection of the pharmaceutical industry.

An interesting marketing strategy. And given the number of documents and apps where six, seven or eight shots have already been taken into account in advance, it seems like a carefully planned tactic.

The vaccine contains something that gives the spike proteins free rein. It pinches the fire hoses, as it were, to give the spike protein fire that develops after the vaccine is administered a free pass. Unfortunately, it also does this with an infection with corona or another pathogen.

But as an unvaccinated person, that doesn't bother me of course. So why did I try so hard to get infected?

No, not for the QR code, because I don’t engage in criminal practices that exclude a large part of the population.

I did it for the antibodies, but without harming my own natural defences. I assume that the WEF politicians will continue to push the irresponsible jabs, despite the counterproductive effect. Vaccinating with a leaky vaccine during an outbreak puts evolutionary pressure on the spike protein, making it a matter of time before the next variant becomes dominant.

Delta had been around for quite some time, but the vaccine brought it out of its dormant existence and allowed it to become dominant. The same is the case with Omicron. In each case, it is the mutated spike proteins that make a species dominant, because they are more resistant to the vaccine. Another variant can become much more dangerous.

The government is pretending that with 2G the vaccinees are favored, but it increasingly seems that their health is being sacrificed for the interests of the WEF. This worthless jab has nothing to do with public health.

From a social perspective it is now known that you do not take one vaccine for someone else. Quite the opposite. Every healthy person who still takes a vaccine or 'booster' chooses to maintain the crisis. The choice is made to make resistant variants dominant and immunity impossible. Your green tick could mean death to a vulnerable one in the future. That is not protecting your fellow man; that's downright antisocial.

I do understand the problem of the WEF. In the next corona wave, only the vaccinated will become infected. Virtually all vaccine-free people will be immune and protected. Just like that, without a vaccine, without a booster and without side effects or damage to the innate immune system.

That is why people are now in such a hurry to jab as many as possible, even your unlucky children. Imagen all of them would become immune? Without infections it is difficult to maintain your emergency laws and a large group would not become dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.

For the pharmaceutical industry, the crisis is a dream: a vaccine that loses its effect so quickly and governments that force people to take new shots every few months.

The WEF is also happy. Everyone must pass an obedience test every three months to maintain their rights in society. How much easier to control the population this way.

There is no excuse whatsoever to justify what the WEF politicians are up to. We gave them a mandate to serve our interests, not to cheat and ruin us and sell our country to the globalists and EU dictatorship.

And finally, a little bit of idealism:

Stop consumerism and globalism and we will get rid of the globalists and most of the problems in the world. Let's choose a human future for our children, on a human scale, rather than a global technocratic dictatorship.

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