Wij zijn te dom


In the case of flu, vaccines are given to people who already have broad protection because they have had the flu before. Vulnerable people and the elderly sometimes take a vaccine for a certain variant in order to make some extra specific antibodies against it.

That only works very poorly because your body always keeps repeating the first immune response that you learned against the then prevailing variant. Fortunately, the broad immune response in almost all people still copes well with the virus, so that they do not become too ill.

By taking a vaccine as a healthy person against a disease that is only dangerous for the vulnerable or the elderly, you limit your immune system to an immune response that is very limited and a few variants are no longer sufficient. And then? Waiting to see if the pharmaceutical industry comes up with something better? Take a booster every six months that will work less and less with variants?

A study by Israeli researchers published on August 25 finds that vaccinated people are six times more likely to become infected with SARS-CoV-2 than people who have already developed natural defenses against the virus. (Link to the study)

Also, vaccinated people are seven times more likely to get sick from SARS-CoV-2. Yet the government continues to push the vaccine as the only solution. In the case of vulnerable people, I can imagine that the balance shifts in the direction of the vaccine. But by vaccinating healthy people and children instead of telling them that it is better to develop a natural defense system, the government is causing a lot more infections and disease.

So, what do you want? A natural infection that hardly ever leads to serious illness for a healthy person, and certainly for a young person, and then offers much better protection against infection and contagiousness, with which you better protect the elderly and the vulnerable?

Or do you want a vaccine with which you are 7 times more likely to get sick or become infected and are therefore more and more often contagious to others?

The government wants to push healthy people and youth to take a vaccine that makes them more contagious and sick more often. I have lost all faith in the pharmaceutical industry and the government. No matter how good they say something is, I will never believe them again.

There is too much interweaving between our government/WHO/EMA/EU/universities with the pharmaceutical companies and WEF to take them seriously. And with all those billions already transported to the pharmaceuticals, it only gets worse.

Herd immunity destroyed by the leaky vaccines.

Vaccinated people who are just as contagious, who get infected just as easily, who are infected just as long and who get infected much more often.

The argument that people should take the shot to protect each other makes no sense. Vulnerable people may have a lower chance of getting seriously ill themselves, but a few variants further this advantage lapses because they are left with an outdated immune response. So puncture 3, 4, 5, 6, otherwise they also belong to the wappies (conspiracy theorist). In addition, injecting healthy people and children with a leaking vaccine promotes mutations, making the vulnerable even more vulnerable.

You don't hear that from the government. How else can they enter their anti-social corona passport? Do you want to spend the rest of your life a slave to the government and some runaway globalists who have been causing misery worldwide for years?

Stand up for yourself and your fellow citizens, before they take your rights away too.

September 5 on Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Grab that chance.