Wij zijn te dom


Our country is run by idiots.

First they told us that we should get vaccinated to protect the vulnerable. Then it turned out that vaccinated people get infected just as often or more often and are just as contagious and we could not protect the vulnerable at all.

They told us that vaccination is the only way to get rid of the virus. Then it turned out that the mass vaccination makes sterile immunity impossible and that the virus can continue to proliferate and mutate and the vaccin is a means to let the crisis continue forever.

They told us that masks didn't help and then suddenly they did. Then it turned out that they didn't help and were even unhealthy.

They told us the lockdowns save lives. Then it turned out that they knew all along it would take 520,000 healthy life years.

They told us there will be no corona passport, then there was the corona passport.

They told us there will be no direct or indirect vaccination coercion. Then the urge came.

They told us the vaccine was safe. Now it is becoming clear that the vaccine is costing more lives than it is saving.

They told us that children all need a vaccine too. Now it turns out that the vaccine is much more dangerous for children than the disease itself.

They told us that only a vaccine could save us and banned other drugs. It now appears that other drugs could have saved many lives.

They told us one shot was enough, maybe two. Now it turns out that a number three is also needed for vaccinated and perhaps every six months for the rest of our lives, because we can no longer do without.

They told us not to listen to the conspiracy theorists, because the cabinet knows it all much better. It now appears that the conspiracy theorists were always right and almost all independent scientists have serious question marks about the policy.

They told us that the vaccine offers better protection than a natural infection. It now appears that vaccinated people are 27 times more likely to be re-infected. What does that say about the quality of our immune system after vaccination?

And yet they still continue with the lies and deceit. Following the insane puppet in the White House, our own WEF stooge De Jonge also insinuates that it is a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'. He influences the media, silences doctors and stimulates the business community to buy into the billion-dollar ball that should promote the vaccines, the corona pass and apartheid.

And now they're telling us we should all get the flu shot. If you've never had the flu and you take a vaccine, you severely limit your immune system. Letting children get a flu shot to protect their grandparents… Haha, humans appear to be even easier to play than a triangle.

I always thought that the jab was a means to get the dictatorial corona passport off the ground, but now that the government  wants to adopt the same strategy with the new mRNA flu vaccines, I am starting to wonder: apart from all those harmful ingredients, what else is in those syringes that they need to be injected into everyone?

Or am I too suspicious because of all the lies? Is it just about everyone becoming dependent on the pharmaceutical industry?

Nature is like a good sparringpartner, fighting brave to keep us in shape. This government wants to enhance it and make it our enemy, so we will need big brother to protect us.