Wij zijn te dom


The money system in the western world is about to collapse. The multinationals do not want to go down with it. Through the vaccines and the antisocial vaccine passport they try to expand the power over the population.

Looks like that's going to fail. The vaccines do not prevent infections and will provide more contagious variants against which the vaccines no longer protect.

It is slowly dawning on the majority of the population that the discrimination against the unvaccinated is unfounded. As a result, the antisocial dictatorial vaccination passport's right to exist has also disappeared.

But the WEF, the multinationals and the governments that must implement the plans of these globalists are not giving up yet. They continue to promote the vaccines and the vaccination passports with all their might and even mandate them with direct and indirect coercion.

The compulsion will not stop there either. 'Mister Global' as the power behind the multinationals, the pharmaceutical industry, the WEF, many governments and the media is also called, will try to further disrupt our society.

Internet traffic and financial traffic will be disrupted so that chaos breaks out. People will be pitted against each other so that society will be on the brink of civil war. They want to expropriate the farmers and take over the land so that the population can no longer feed itself and is dependent on the distribution of Mister Global.

But the great reset isn't just an opportunity for Mister Global to seize power. It is also an opportunity for society to break Mister Global's power for good.

If we seize this opportunity to stop this consumer society and globalization, these people will be sidelined and our environmental problems will be solved immediately. Then we can leave this sham society behind and return to a human world on a human scale with human social values and no AI or algorithms. So small scale. Because large-scale is just human stupidity on a large scale.

I'm not saying it will be easy, but it can be done. Many countries and populations that suffer enormously from globalism are waiting for this development. Many people in Western countries are sick and tired of the stress and loneliness of a technocratic society.

It's time we gave nature a chance to recover from the robbery we've been committing for decades and get back to what we're good at: living, laughing, dancing and crying with each other instead of against each other, because we need each other and because we have a duty to ensure that our children also have a free world in which they can enjoy the things that really count.