Wij zijn te dom


North-Korea on the Rhine

It's not about whether the vaccines work or not. It is not about who is hospitalized most often, or who becomes infected earlier or dies earlier. That was never the point. Homosexuals more often died of AIDS. Women more often died giving birth. Men are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and traffic participants more often in traffic accidents.

The point now is that governments around the world are exploiting an outbreak of a virus to expand their power because they have made a pact with the most rich and powerful people on the planet. It is a pact that both hope to benefit from.

According to many, the economy in the West is on the brink of collapse. If the economy collapses unchecked, globalism will also end and the world will fall back on local economies that will be self-sufficient, small-scale and human-scale. It will mean the end of the consumer society, but also the end of the power of the multinationals and globalists.

I see a group of globalists that tell us that they want to save the world, that capitalism is bad and globalism is good. I foresee that they actually mean that democracy and freedom are bad and a socialist dictatorship good. The condition is, of course, that they have the power. A bit like North Korea, where a population owns nothing and the Kim family and the docile bosses live in royal wealth.

Despite all the fine words of the WEF, it is simply about power and selfishness at the expense of the people. But yes, this group has also become large this way, so it is not that surprising. And the unworldly politicians have been watching for years as they slowly lose their grip on society.

Crime, immigration, environmental problems, they fail to tackle even one problem properly. That is why they want to get a worldwide surveillance network off the ground to keep an eye on every citizen, a point system to punish and reward. This is how they want to save society.

What people forget is that every force creates an opposing force. It's been doing that for years. It may be the reason that all these problems arose in the first place. The solution pursued by the politicians does not save society, but rather throws the baby out with the bathwater.

Governments are increasingly hijacking tasks that lay with the people themselves: values, norms, helping people and exercising social control. These tasks are the fabric of society, the immune system of society. Without this tissue there is no society.

The politicians have taken the wrong side, not that of the people, but that of the globalists. The institutes are getting bigger and further away from us. The world becomes inhuman and man a number. People become dependent on the government and multinationals for their existence.

Suppose they succeed, this pact of politicians, elite and globalists, suppose they can continue to cheat and mislead, do you really think that anything of their plans will come to fruition? The vaccine is a flop and only serves to prolong the crisis so that the WEF agenda can be rolled out.

The fight against problems by the group that caused them will be an even bigger fiasco. The earth is being polluted, people are being locked up in camps, the corona fraud and corruption is enormous and the propaganda and censorship is staggering.

It's a foretaste of what else lies ahead if we give this group of self-righteous power-hungry people carte blanche. The empire of the globalists will also fall apart again and the multinationals, globalists and ruling elite will fight each other for the last remnants of the ruined earth. In the end there will only be losers.

Einstein once said: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." The globalists in charge today have been raping the earth for years and represent the coldest in man. People like Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab secretly pulling their undemocratic strings.

With our technocratic consumer society, we are like puppets in their hands. The monster of the globalists is like a fungus that covers the whole world. Big tech and transport and our buying frenzy are the blood vessels that supply the monstrosity with oxygen. That's all it takes to stop the infection of the globalists.

There is only one solution:: stop this consumer society, the technocratization and globalization, then these people are sidelined and our environmental problems are solved. Then we can leave this sham society behind and return to a human world on a human scale with human social values and no clones, robots, genetic manipulation and algorithms. Man is too stupid, too insecure and too selfish to exploit the world and its people. Large scale globalism is simply human stupidity on a large scale.

The great reset is not just an opportunity for Mister Global to seize power. It is also an opportunity for society to break Mister Global's power for good. It's time we give nature and people a chance to recover from the global robbery that globalists have been perpetrating for decades and get back to what we're good at: live, laugh, work, dance and cry with each other instead against each other, because we need each other and because we have a duty to ensure that our children have a free world in which they can enjoy the things that really count.

Nature is like a good sparringpartner, fighting brave to keep us in shape. This government wants to enhance it and make it our enemy, so we will need big brother to protect us.