Wij zijn te dom


outdated script?

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said something strange. She always does, but this time she got me thinking.

Ardern said she wanted to lock up the vaccinefree to

protect them from the vaccinated, because after all you couldn't  detain all the vaccinated persons.

It indicates that she assumes that the vaccinated are dangerous for the unvaccinated, rather than the other way around, as we have been led to believe.

The strange thing is that it doesn't make any sense. Vaccinated people are not at all dangerous for

unvaccinated. At least not more than the other way around.

More and more it appears that it are the

vaccinated who infect each other and end up in hospital. Then why does she say something like that?

Was it in the WEF politicians' script? Did the globalists assume that vaccinated people would become dangerous for unvaccinated? In what scenario could such a situation be true?

I can only think of one scenario. The nightmare scenario that arose after men vaccinated chickens against Marek's disease. The vaccinated chickens remained carriers of

the virus, but didn't get so sick of it anymore.

But because the chickens remained carriers, they ensured

for a rapid evolution to more virulent variants. The virus  mutated along with the vaccines and became increasingly dangerous. As a result, new vaccines were needed and

making the virus even more dangerous and so forth.

As a result, all non-vaccinated chickens quickly died.

So there came a moment when you had better be vaccinated as a chicken and boosted every time because otherwise you could get infected with a ever more deadly variant from a vaccinated chicken

A vaccine that protects against disease, but not infection (and so does not give immunity) is called a leaky vaccine. The vaccine against SarsCov-2 is a leaking vaccine.

Did the WEF disciple Ardern expect the corona virus to  develop the same way the chicken virus? Was that in the script? It is now clear that the vaccine does indeed lead to an evolution from to more virulent variants.

The more contagious Delta variant had already been dormant for half a year before the vaccines lifted the Delta variant out of its inglorious existence and made it the dominant species on Earth

Why? Because some mutations in the spike protein made it less sensitive to the vaccine-introduced antibodies against the spike-protein of the Wuhan variant. The same now applies to the new variant B.1.1.529, also known as 'omicron'. With even more mutations to the spike-protein, this variant is even more capable of infecting people.

By choosing precisely the spike protein as the identification point for the antibodies, the pharmaceutical industry allowed the virus to mutate in a dangerous direction. The excuse that the variants were not expected is nonsensical. Everything that is multiplies, mutates. Without mutations, the virus wouldn't even exist! I must have been calculated all along.

So far the script was right. However, what did not go well was that - for the time being - it is not the vaccinefree who become more vulnerable, but especially the vaccinated.

The corona vaccination does not use a dead or weakened virus, but a mRNA code made by the pharmaceutical industry that instructs your body to build a spike-protein. Therefore, the response of the innate immune system must be partially switched off because otherwise the spike protein would be attacked immediately before antibodies

are created. This process makes you more prone to infection with SarsCov2 virus. British figures show that vaccinated people aged thirty and older become infected more often than the vaccinefree.

Another aspect that has been overlooked is 'original antigenic sin'. The vaccinated learned a very limited immune response from the spike protein of the Wuhan variant and will keep repeating this response. Variants like Delta and Omicron will be recognized less and less. The combination with the worse functioning innate

immune system ensures that vaccinated people are increasingly more likely to get infected or sick.

What people at the WEF predicted correctly was that not everyone would immediately run to the doctors to get a vaccine. Apparently there is a psychological diversity to the

improve the survival of the species. One group automatically follows the prevailing opinion, while the other group is naturally rebellious, curious and suspicious.

That diversity served the globalists well. Imagine if everyone had taken the shot? What excuse would they have had for the corona passport? It was a divide and conquer policy that the governments used. It is not the first time that governments stigmatizing a minority to establish a dictatorship.

And despite the fact that it is now known that unvaccinated people pose no greater danger to the

vaccinated than the vaccinated themselves, the smear campaign against the unvaccinated becomes common


The new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, EU-propagandista Von der Leyen, the Dutch Minister Hugo de Jonge and many others this week further stepped up their hate campaign against the unvaccinated by blame for all the problems.

It's the same tactic the Nazis used 80 years ago. First you blame them for everything. Then you remove them from society so that they become invisible. Then if they are no longer conspicuous and dehumanized, they can be dealt with without restriction.

The unvaccinated are no longer needed. Why? Because the QR code can now sustain itself with a mandatory shot every three or six months. The group that embraced the QR code as their new privilege, now depends on it. No more rights without a booster.

And: The unvaccinated are the control group. They make comparisons between the jabbed and vaccine-free

possible and show how worthless and dangerous the vaccines are.

The unvaccinated do not ensure a targeted evolution towards more contagious variants. Now take children. They form a large group that is hardly contagious thanks to the strong innate immune system takes care of the virus before it can spread. Children almost never get sick from the virus and so there is no reason why you should vaccinate them.

And there the shoe pinches. Unvaccinated children stop the spread of the virus and the development of new variants. And without this evolution of variants, the virus cannot remain dangerous.

The WEF needs a dangerous virus to keep humanity in its grip. Not just to maintain emergency laws and further roll out the WEF agenda, but also to ensure that people become dependent on the pharmaceutical industry and puppets of the technocracy. Disowned without their QR code and doomed in a society where a dictatorial government controls your life. And in such a society there is no place for (vaccine)free thinkers, not one.

The only thing that might be reassuring is that the politicians, despite all their frightening stories, by no means stick to the measures and don't seem to take the virus seriously. Maybe that's because they its scam or because they never took the vaccine themselves.

One thing seems clear: the vaccines and the WEF-governments are the problem. The massive administration of the vaccine to a healthy population already killed herd immunity. It is now important not to make it worse by also vaccinating the youth or by letting it cause a civil war between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

We really need to find a way to get rid of these regimes before we solve our problems. When the propaganda and wrong policies stop, the smoke will clear and we can look for good solutions for the future. Otherwise it's mopping with the tap open.

So dear vaccinated, stop believing those vaccine pushers and stop blaming your unvaccinated fellow man. Direct your anger at those who are guilty of the perpetual crisis: the WEF envoys in government.

Because together we are strong!