Wij zijn te dom

Pandemic of the unvaccinated? haha.

In weeks 40-43 of 2021, 502,529 people aged 30 and older became infected in the United Kingdom. 52,122 people were unvaccinated. That's 10.37 percent.

In Iceland, visitors/tourists are tested. Of the 189 positive cases in the past month (7-10 to 7-11), only 5 percent were unvaccinated.

It is very striking that vaccinated people aged 30+ have twice the chance of being infected. It is clear that the small benefit one gets from the extra antibodies limits the innate immune system. It also ensures that it is precisely the vaccinated who are perpetuating the crisis (and the emergency law) and giving the WEF and the EU the space to seize power.

According to the regime in the Netherlands, it is the unvaccinated that are responsible for the pressure on healthcare. 80% of hospital admissions are unvaccinated.

Nonsense! Hospital-admittance is predominantly vaccinated. There are only vaccinated people in the hospitals of Antwerp. (see also the link below). Does anyone still trust De Jonge's figures, after all the lies he has already told?

What would it be like in the UK? In weeks 40-43, 8141 people aged 18+ ended up in a hospital bed after an emergency room visit. 2267 of these were not vaccinated. That's 27.8 percent. So in the Netherlands they have either had an über vaccine or it is the umpteenth lie of this deceitful cabinet.

A total of 3,815 people aged 18 and over died in the UK during this period. 662 of these were not vaccinated. That's 17.35 percent. The number of people who died from the side effects of the vaccine is not mentioned.

This is why everyone needs to be vaccinated. You cannot compare without the unvaccinated. It would make lying so much easier.

And also important: unvaccinated people act as a major brake on the spread of the virus and new variants. Without this dissemination there is no crisis and without a crisis there is no emergency law and no power for this corrupt government

Increasingly, the regimes in all WEF countries are using baseless, brainless propaganda to get rid of the unvaccinated. I think those in power realize that they can't beat us and we won't be cheated. that is why they turn the indoctrinated against us and want to work us out in society.

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Nature is like a good sparringpartner, fighting brave to keep us in shape. This government wants to enhance it and make it our enemy, so we will need big brother to protect us.