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Hugo de Jonge of the ministry for vaccine coercion stated today that the corona passport ensures connection in society because the vulnerable could finally participate again. How then, I wonder.

Vaccinated people become infected just as often and are just as contagious. In addition they do not create sterile immunity, which means that the herd immunity disappears forever. Because they remain asymptomatic carriers, they become a breeding ground for new variants, so that people who are not yet vulnerable yet will become the future. How does that protect the vulnerable?

Vaccinated people are allowed to enter everywhere without getting tested. They are equally contagious. The latest figures in the United Kingdom even show that vaccinated people over the age of 40 are much more likely to become infected, while this is precisely the group that the vaccine is supposed to protect.

They become less ill, so they continue to participate in social traffic and continue to infect people. They are also much more likely to be re-infected. The QR code actually encourages more infections. But yes, they are not made for public health.

You may still be better protected against disease if you toke a vaccine, but because you have a repetitive antibody response against the Wuhan variant, the protection will decrease with each variant. Even if a vaccine update is made, the body will still repeat the same immune response. You also see that happening with the flu vaccine, which is why it works so poorly.

After a normal infection you have a better immune response, broader and also resistant to variants. So as a human being you have to make a risk assessment. Are you healthy? Better not to take a vaccine. It's asking for long-term problems.

Are you very sick? Also, do not take a vaccine, because in the period after a vaccine your lymphocytes decrease sharply and you become extra vulnerable.

Are you reasonably healthy but frail for some reason or are you very old? Then you might consider taking a vaccine.

All these things the government doesn't tell you. They are too eager to enter their Nazi pass. And apparently the goals justify the means. And those 'order is order' service beaters let themselves be put before the cart of disaster. As long as the mass injections make herd immunity impossible and we are left with a cabinet that lies and cheats, the crisis will last forever.

Abolishing the free test is a further coercive measure to force people to act contrary to what is best for their health and society. It ensures a permanent dependence on the pharmaceutical industry and a further expansion of the totalitarian power of this government.

I don't want to accuse the vaccinated of selfishness. Everyone thinks of themselves and theirs. And in this case they didn't know any better with all those lies from the WEF governments. But I also don't want to be accused of being anti-social if I don't take the vaccine. So I'll just bounce the ball back.

Below are two more videos. A nice summary of all aspects of the plandemic by one of the most intelligent people on the planet. And below that one about the fables of the vaccine.


#Coronatoegangsbewijzen lead to division? The opposite is true. 'Discrimination'? Is it also 'discrimination' that you are not allowed to drive without a driver's license? Of course not, mitigating risks to public health is simply our job.


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What a stupid comment from the minister for vaccine coercion. With a driver's license you prove that you can drive. A vaccination certificate does not prove that you are protected against infections with the SarsCov-2 virus. On the contrary: you are more likely to get an infection.