Wij zijn te dom


Why does the cabinet continue to exert this annoying coercion on the group that does not want to be injected? Can you think of a reason for that?

You can't say it's contamination, because the jabbed get infected just as easily and are just as contagious.


You can't say it's about health, because government policy costs more health than it produces.

You cannot say that people are afraid that health care cannot cope, because then they would have invested in that care.

You can't say that the unjabbed allow the virus to mutate into dangerous forms because leaking vaccines ensure a targeted evolution in vaccinated people towards more contagious, more dangerous variants.

Would that be the reason? How can a government deal with two groups, one of which has a natural resistance and the other group that will never have that again?

How can the government deal with a society where one group is protected by its own immune system and the other depends on the pharmaceutical industry and the government for quarterly injections?

How can the government deal with a society where one group can be controlled and maneuvered with a social dictatorial ID and the other group cannot?

How can the government deal with a society in which one group is free and the other must be obedient?

How can the government deal with a society where the unjabbed are the living proof that the government has cheated the people?

That is indeed an unworkable situation and puts the government in a bad light. You have to understand that. That's why we should all take the shot, even if we've already gained natural immunity. And the next shot and the one after that and after that. Otherwise we are antisocial.

The pretentious, the megalomaniacs and the money-wolves are gathering in the Orwellian EU.