Wij zijn te dom


"It's the fault of the unvaccinated."

Time and again ministers and presidents and other idiots like Fauci point their finger at the unvaccinated, in the same way that Hitler pointed at the Jews.

At first, the unvaccinated were called anti-social because they didn't help protect the elderly. It later turned out that taking a vaccine didn't protect anyone at all.

Subsequently, the unvaccinated were accused of overloading care. It is now clear that mainly vaccinated people are in hospital with COVID or because of the side effects of the vaccine. The care itself indicates that it is not due to COVID, but to the scaling down of care by the Schwabinet Rutte.

The latest lie is that it is the unvaccinated that create new variants. However, the variants are a result of the vaccines. 

Compare the coronavirus to a burglar with a crowbar. Because that's the spike protein. It is the crowbar of the virus, the part that allows it to open the cell to infect humans.

Anyone who understands evolution will know that the life form that adapts best will survive. It is no different with a virus. To survive in a world with antibodies that attack when they recognize the crowbar, the burglar who can camouflage his crowbar will be most successful.

That is one of the reasons why this vaccine is so dangerous; it puts evolutionary pressure on the one spot you don't want to mutate, the spike protein. While the copying errors are random, the viability of mutations is not. Quite simply: a mutation that has a greater chance of infecting people has a better chance of surviving.

The Delta variant had already been dormant for half a year before the vaccines lifted the Delta variant from its inglorious existence and made it the dominant species on Earth. Why? Because it was less sensitive to the vaccin induced antibodies against the Wuhan variant due to some mutations in the spike protein.

The same now applies to the new variant B.1.1.529, also affectionately called 'omikron'. With even more mutations in the spike virus, this variant is even more able to reach the cells of the vaccinated, even more resistant.

By choosing the spike protein as the identification point for the antibodies, the pharmaceutical industry has chosen to push the virus to mutate in a dangerous direction. The excuse that is made up that the variants were not expected is nonsensical. Everything that multiplies mutates. Without mutations, the virus wouldn't even exist!

It is therefore nonsensical to blame the unvaccinated for these variants. It is the vaccinated who become infected again and again and put the pressure on the variants to mutate. It will therefore also be the vaccinated people who will become more sensitive to the variants. The vaccine will continue to break through their outdated and flawed defenses.

Vaccinated people will never have a better immune system again. The lab's first encounter with the spike protein programmed an immune response into their immune system that will never change, let alone improve. This is called 'original antigenic sin'. New vaccines that are specially made against new variants will most likely have little effect.

Because the vaccine works poorly and temporarily, you have to take a new injection each time to ensure that your (obsolete) antibodies are maintained. These antibodies will work less and less well and the side effects will increase with each injection. Boosters will only temporarily boost their outdated antibodies, only the quantity, never the quality.

The corona vaccination does not use a dead or weakened virus, but an mRNA code made by the pharmaceutical industry that instructs your body to build a protein. To get the protein to the cell, your immune system is partially switched off, because otherwise the spike protein would be attacked immediately. This process makes you more susceptible to infection with SarsCov2 and other pathogens. According to many experts, the number of cancer cases is also increasing rapidly as a result. I wouldn't be surprised if the excess mortality that is popping up all over the world is entirely attributable to the vaccinated.

We are now in a situation where vaccinated people will become infected again and again and will always create new variants, making the crisis last forever. That is exactly what the WEF politicians want. It gives them the power to enforce emergency laws and implement the WEF agenda.

Increasingly, regimes in all WEF countries are using propaganda to attack the unvaccinated. The way they do that is clear. It is the same tactic that the Nazis used 80 years ago. First you blame them for everything. Then you remove them from society so that they become invisible. Then when they become inconspicuous and dehumanized, they can be dealt with without restriction.

The big question now is: is it possible to establish a dictatorship again by stigmatizing a minority? Or can the population unanimously put a stop to it this time? It is up to you vaccinated, followers of the QR code, victims of the propaganda, but also the unvaccinated. Are you really social or do you let yourself be played off against each other?

The vaccines and the WEF governments are the problem. Mass administration of the vaccine to a healthy population has destroyed herd immunity. It is now important not to make matters worse by also vaccinating the youth or by causing a civil war between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

We really need to find a way to get rid of these regimes before we can work on the solutions. When the propaganda and wrong policies stop, the smoke will clear and we can look for good solutions for the future. Otherwise it is mopping with the tap open.

So dear vaccinated people, stop believing those vaccine pushers and stop blaming your unvaccinated fellow man. Turn your anger on those responsible for the perpetual crisis: the WEF envoys in government.

Because together we are strong!

Nature is like a good sparringpartner, fighting brave to keep us in shape. This government wants to enhance it and make it our enemy, so we will need big brother to protect us.