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The end of globalism

Globalization is the problem. But the WEF does not want to get rid of it. It would lower their 'standard of living', wealth and power. The do not want local markets. Instead the working-class gets their rights taken away, so the elite can keep theirs.

The technology of Build Back Better is the solution of the 'happy few' who want to preserve their luxuries at the expense of the rights and freedoms of the masses.

Can you imagine what a world without globalism would be like? No more profiting from poor countries, no more military defending of interest far away. Dependent on our direct surroundings, balance between growth and supply of those surroundings.

No endless importing of workforce. No absurd nonsense studies. No technology to suppress. No technology to support endless population growth in places where the environment cannot support it. Back to the balance of nature, because we need the natural world to survive.

No chance for multinationals to dominate the world and produce, produce, produce. No luxury and no big energy demand. I asked my daughter "can you live without a smartphone?" "Yes", she answered, "if no one has one".

No more governments that hijack tasks that belonged to the people themselves: values, norms, helping each other and the exercise of social control. It is the fabric of society, the immune system of society. Without this there is no society.

In a globalized WEF-world our children do not become happy people but ready-made building blocks to continue the system. The only thing this leads to is that society becomes even more artificial and the costs of living rise even higher. That can't be the intention, can it?

The great reset isn't just an opportunity for Mister Global to seize power. It is also an opportunity for society to break Mister Global's power forever.

There is only one solution: stop this consumerism and globalization, then these kind of people are sidelined and our environmental problems are solved. This sham society ends and we return to the world on a human scale, without AI or algorithm, but with human warmth and social values.

We must ensure that we have less and settle for less. Keeping material life simple and costs low, so that everyone is able to pursue what really matters: happiness instead of the fixed costs.

It's time we give nature and people a chance to recover from the robbery we've been committing for decades and get back to what we're good at: living, laughing, working, dancing and crying with each other instead of against each other.

A human is a beautiful emotional, warm being, but by his insecurity, fear and egoism still completely unfit to manage the earth. Maybe one day we'll be able to, but until then we'll have to focus on keeping our own street clean, instead of looting the whole world.

We can try to run and outsmart our vulnerability. We can use technology and live like robots, in lockdown forever. But we can never be free. We can never be human. Because vulnerability is us. It makes us to what we are, without it we would not be able to feel.

Before we can be as one in this world, we will have to learn accept our vulnerability and stop being scared of it. Only then we will be freed of envy and greed, and ready to honestly shake the hand of our fellowmen, wherever they may be.

Nature is like a good sparringpartner, fighting brave to keep us in shape. This government wants to enhance it and make it our enemy, so we will need big brother to protect us.