Wij zijn te dom


The politicians are right!

We use too much energy, we produce too much waste, we use too many raw materials, we are too numerous, we buy too much. We destroy nature. Our ecological fingerprint is too big.

Why? Because we are too stupid and selfish to take our world into account. We don't see the damage. It doesn't get through to us and most of the time it's also a far-from-my-bed show. Or we ignore the damage when we benefit from it. How do you solve this?

For the politicians with their ties to the business community there is only one solution: Everything has to be more efficient. The world should be run like a pig factory or mega-stable, where the manufacturer determines how much energy, food, exercise space, and perhaps also how many years of life the pig gets.

Politicians, globalists, multinationals and the elite must put their heads together. That way they can run the earth efficiently and still retain their own power and luxury, because of course the boss of the pig factory is not subject to the same rules as the pigs.

The current vaccine is intended to include you in the QR circus. It gives you rights that can be taken away if you don't listen or don't take the next shot. Through the crisis and the passports, the WEF pact is trying to drive us into the mega stable.

Millions of people protest. They don't want to be locked up in the pig factory. They don't want to lose their freedom. They want the old world back. 

I don't want the old world back. But I don't want to go into the factory either. I want another solution. I want a world in which man can remain a free animal, but not at the expense of other animals, nature and distant lands. I want a world where we settle for less, where we keep material life simple and costs low. I want a world where everyone can pursue happiness instead of rising fixed costs.

Sustainable and free, is that possible? Yes! There is a solution: immediately stop this consumer society, the technocratization and globalization, then these kinds of people are sidelined and our environmental problems are immediately solved. Then we can leave this sham society behind and return to a human world on a human scale with human social values and no clones, robots, genetic manipulation and algorithms. Man is too stupid, too insecure and too selfish to exploit the world and its people. Large scale is simply human stupidity on a large scale.

The great reset is not just an opportunity for Mister Global to seize power. It is also an opportunity for society to break Mister Global's power for good. It's time we give nature and people a chance to recover from the global robbery that globalists have been perpetrating for decades and get back to what we're good at: live, laugh, work, dance and cry with each other instead against each other, because we need each other and because we have a duty to ensure that our children have a free world in which they can enjoy the things that really count.

The globalists now in control have been raping the earth for years and represent the coldest thing in man. With our technocratic consumer society, we are like puppets in their hands. If we comply with the vaccine-passes it will get worse and worse.

The monster of the globalists is like a fungus that covers the whole world. Big tech and transport and our shopping spree are the blood vessels that oxygenate the monstrosity. That's all it takes to stop the infection of the globalists.

Fear and propaganda forced people to opt for a vaccine that will never defeat the virus. The fairy tale that you did it to protect others was the deciding factor for many. Those with some logic, intuition, and people skills felt it wasn't right. They knew that as a healthy person you had to deal with the virus yourself to protect others. All the vaccine does is create new resistant variants and prolong the crisis so that the WEF has a chance to seize power. The more healthy and young people allow the shot, the longer the crisis will last and the more freedom will be taken from us.

Just as the Allies in the Second World War were willing to die for our freedom, so healthy and young people must be willing to get sick, to defeat the virus, the QR code and the WEF and save our democracy. Do not comply!

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