Wij zijn te dom


The supreme lie

World leaders are unanimous.

We are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated. They are to blame for the misery. An injection of a secret agent is the only way out of the crisis. Drugs are banned, as are vaccines that do not use DNA reprogramming.

But the truth is that the world is not be better off in 2021 than in 2020. In many countries, infections are skyrocketing despite the majority of the population being injected with the substance that the governments call a 'vaccine'.

The measures also turned out to be ineffective. Countries such as New Zealand, Latvia and Australia that deprived their people of their rights and locked them up as dogs are now facing sky-high infections.

The policies of the world leaders, trained or instructed by the WEF, are based on lies from the very first minute. The vaccines have never been made or tested for their effectiveness in preventing infection or transmission, and have not been shown to help.

Nevertheless, WEF politicians quoted the same slogan from day one: “Be social. Take the vaccine to protect others.”

The first blow apparently is half the battle, because everywhere in the world people swallowed the lie like sweet cake. It became, as it were, the showpiece of propaganda, the supreme lie that had to pull the cart of all subsequent lies. People who wanted to protect themselves suddenly became social and people who didn't want the injection became "refusers" and "selfish".

The moment it became clear that the vaccinated get infected at the same rate and are just as contagious, the accusations shifted from “antisocial scum” to “antisocial scum that overburden our hospitals and cause society to lock down.”

According to the figures of chief liar Hugo de Jonge 80% of the people in the hospital is unvaccinated. Are these figures correct? I can not imagine it. In all countries around us, mainly vaccinated people are in hospital. In Antwerp hospitals, it turns out that there are only vaccinated people in the beds.

In the United Kingdom, three quarters of the admissions are vaccinated. Hospital staff in the Netherlands indicate that the majority of people in the hospital have been vaccinated and the problems are not a result of corona, but of Rutte's policy to remove as much capacity as possible from care.

People are still dying from COVID. How much, we don't know for sure because people who used to die from cancer or cardiovascular disease are now often counted among the COVID deaths. Governments promise extra reimbursements for every doctor or hospital that reports a corona death.

Nevertheless, figures show that it is mainly vaccinated people who die from COVID. Logical, because most people are vaccinated. But if the vaccination rate in the United Kingdom is 73 percent and the share of deaths as a result of COVID is more than 83 percent, then you cannot speak of a successful vaccine.

Normally, in an outbreak of a virus or bacteria, there are deaths on the way to herd immunity. Now you have deaths, but never immunity. People who are vaccinated can get infected again and again. They never develop sterile immunity again. They go on forever repeating the very bad antiquated antibody response their bodies learned from the vaccine. And even worse: because they remain carriers, they become a breeding ground for new resistant varieties, so that groups that are not yet at risk will become vulnerable in the future. The vaccine has become the problem rather than a path to the solution.

Nevertheless, the group of unvaccinated is an increasing problem for WEF leaders. After all, they are the control group. Without unvaccinated people you cannot compare and the deception does not come to light.

And also important: unvaccinated people with sterile immunity act as a major brake on the spread of the virus and new variants. Without that spread there would be no crisis and without crisis there would be no emergency law and no power. That is why the measures affect the youth most. Imagine the whole group becoming immune?

Increasingly, the regimes in all WEF countries are using their baseless propaganda to put the blame on the group that does not fall for the lies. The way they do that is clear. It is the same tactic that the Nazis used 80 years ago. First you blame them for everything. Then you remove them from society so that they become invisible. Then when they become inconspicuous and dehumanized, they can be dealt with without restriction. They can be dragged from their homes to camps and forcibly injected of worse. It's nothing new.

The big question now is: is it possible to establish a dictatorship again by stigmatizing a minority? Or can the population unanimously put a stop to it this time? It is up to you vaccinated, followers of the QR code, victims of the propaganda. Are you really social or do you just follow orders?

Nature is like a good sparringpartner, fighting brave to keep us in shape. This government wants to enhance it and make it our enemy, so we will need big brother to protect us.