Wij zijn te dom


Anyone with common sense knows that everything that multiplies mutates. You're not going to tell me they didn't see the variants coming. The pharmaceutical industry has profited from the ignorance of the people and fraudulent politics. Now millions of people are stuck with a vaccine that works poorly and temporarily and also limits the immune system. Ruined herd immunity with a leaky vaccine that will create new variants over and over again because vaccinated individuals will never be able to achieve sterilizing immunity again. And the amount of propaganda being poured over us reaches the size of the former USSR. The sense of justice in me then tells me that this should not go unpunished.

Citizens' involvement in their governance is totally absent. Arrange it, we say once every four years and don't bother us. Well they did, just not for us, but for the highest bidder. And through the lazy blind mandate that we are giving, we have created our own totalitarian state and are now left with the worst of it.