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Vaccinations lead to mutations?

Who knows, the British variant may be a result of the measures.

If we had simply allowed the virus to spread among the healthy population under 60 and protected the others, the variant might never have developed, because we had already had the chance to become immune. The government has deprived us of that opportunity and now we are in trouble. Dumb. You can't resist nature, it will go from bad to worse.

Your whole body is full of all kinds of viruses. Your body keeps them in balance. The coronaviruses increased after the flu-vaccines because the balance was upset. There came more room for the corona viruses. If we assume that all viruses are already in our bodies, as some studies suggest, and may have been tamed as long as your immune system is functioning properly, then it could be the imbalance that makes them active. So you could argue that some vaccines make things worse in the long run.

A study is published which indicates that variants can escape the vaccine induced. They are called 'escape mutants'. 

By giving mass-vaccination during an outbreak, you upset the balance and give mutants and variants the chance to become dominant. In this way you end up in a vicious circle of new dominant variants and necessary vaccines (and corona-measures).

There is also plenty of warning that vaccines that protect against the disease, but do not prevent one from remaining a carrier, ensure that the vaccinated person becomes a breeding ground for mutations. Those mutated viruses then pose an extra great danger to the vulnerable unvaccinated, and ultimately also to all the vaccinated, if the vaccine no longer protects them. That way, in the long run, the vaccines would only make the problem worse.

When animals (or people) in nature become infected with a serious virus, they often die. The virus then dies with them. Other animals are not susceptible and do not transmit the virus. In this way a virus almost or completely dies out.

By giving a 'leaky' vaccine, you ensure that an animal no longer becomes ill, but that it remains a carrier of the virus. You keep the virus alive, allowing it to mutate and become more dangerous, because it can do so for a while without killing the host.

The result is that you always have to keep vaccinating while the viruses continue to mutate and become dangerous for other animal species and humans. For that reason, giving a 'leaky' vaccine in factory farming has been banned for some time. The vaccine would only make the problem worse in the long run.

Yet that is exactly what is now being done with the COVID-19 vaccine. Unlike the vaccines that are already known, the vaccines that are now being given are all leaky vaccines.

Nature has mechanisms to ensure that the balance in nature is maintained. These mechanisms are sometimes harsh, but ultimately promote life on the planet.

I think man is just too stupid and short-sighted to dictate to nature how to act. Yes, smart enough to come up with the technique, but too stupid, too short-sighted (and selfish) to see the long-term consequences. The bill will be presented. Maybe not right away, but in one or ten or a hundred years. And then all will regret.