Wij zijn te dom


For a long time a thought won't leave me alone. Why do governments react so strangely to the corona crisis when it is clear that it is nothing more than a serious flu epidemic? Why all the contradictory measures? Why people are forced to take a poorly functioning vaccine?

I tried to ignore answers that came to mind because I felt they might have been the result of too much imagination.

For a year and a half, almost the entire world has been confronted with pointless measures. Countries with strict lockdowns do not perform better than countries without lockdowns, not to mention the worthless dirty mouth caps.

The vaccine is also increasingly failing to protect. Countries with a high vaccination rate suffer from high infections and many countries where there is hardly any vaccination are hardly affected. The side effects of the vaccines are causing a new peak in excess mortality, especially among young people who have the injection. It is becoming increasingly clear that the vaccine offers no solution at all to the crisis.

Yet the leaders persist in how good the vaccine is and one coercive measure after another is being designed. It is taken for granted that there is a dichotomy and that countries are on the brink of civil war.

Entire economies are being destroyed and billions are thrown as if they were gingerbread cookies. Anything to get us going. Now national health institutes are even starting to massively push the new mRNA flu injections.

Is there something in that mRNA shot that governments are so eager to jab it into us? Conspiracy theorists - not a bad word about them, because they have been proven right many times - sometimes claim that the vaccines contain microchips. Klaus Schwab of the WEF has indeed often talked about how people would get chips in their bodies in the future, to communicate digitally with their environment and can be monitored. Dutch ministers are regular guests of the WEF, the place where elite, globalists/multinationals sit down to discuss their plans for the world.

But the vaccine could also contain something else. For example poison, because - according to another conspiracy theory - the world population should be reduced from 7.5 billion people to about 500 million.

Could it be that our leaders are so thoroughly evil and part of a gang of elite, globalists and multinationals? It was not for nothing that prime-minister Mark Rutte walked across the Binnenhof with a WEF bag - undoubtedly containing Schwab's book, which he claimed he never read.

But if that were the case, would people be working so hard to exterminate the people in their own country? Or would the victims be distributed more fairly across the world?

Then there is another possibility I considered. The injections do contain a vaccine, just not against SarsCov2, but against an even more dangerous cultured virus that has yet to be released, a virus from which only the non-compliant unvaccinated must die.

This is not so inconceivable when you realize that the laboratory that was working on weaponizing coronaviruses with money from Western investors, still had another 86 patented deadly corona variants. But this theory also has all kinds of snags. Why would a third dose be needed, for example, while the new virus has not yet spread? And why don't our leaders just tell us about it?

Again, there could be two reasons.

They don't tell us about it because if there is a plan to reduce the world's population and if everyone knew, everyone would want the vaccine. But on the other hand, there are already so many people who have had the vaccine that you will never get the world's population back to one-tenth. So why would they be pushing so hard?

Then there is another possibility. One for the gullible Mark Rutte fans: There is a group of very dangerous people, for example the WEF, who threaten to release that much more dangerous virus. Governments are doing everything they can to save as many compatriots as possible before the virus breaks out. The dangerous WEF has given world leaders two years to vaccinate the people. In this version of the story, the corona pass has an advanced health function because in the future unvaccinated people could actually become more contagious than their vaccinated fellow human beings.

Only catch: Mark Rutte and all other world leaders should keep their mouths shut. When they tell you what is happening, the bad guys immediately release the virus. In this version of the story, all world leaders are good and part of a grand plan to vaccinate as many people as possible before the virus is unleashed. In this version, Mark Rutte walked with the WEF bag to warn us and Klaus Schwab follows the debates in parliament to almost godfatherly to keep an eye on his forced puppets.

Of course, this solution also raises questions. For example: why would the government leaders that were educated by the WEF push the vaccine the hardest. And why not just send James Bond or Tom Cruise to these terrorists to dismantle the virus bomb at the very last second?

Fortunately, there is such a thing as Ockham's Razor that helps me make decisions. Which solution is the most probable if you look at the facts?

Exactly what Klaus Schwab said:

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world”.

A good opportunity for the Great Reset. And what is that great reset? It is a coup attempt by the WEF affiliated elite, the globalists, the multinationals and the WEF's bribed, indoctrinated and trained politicians and world leaders, such as Rutte, Macron, Trudeau, Merkel and many many others.

The pandemic presents a great opportunity for the ‘stakeholders of globalization’ to seize power in the world. This group of megalomaniacs seeks to seize power, not in one country or continent, but for the first time in history, across the globe. Why? Because the global economy and money market could collapse at any moment and the world would fall back on local economies that are not dependent on the corporations of the globalists. That is why billions are now being thrown away. The money rolls out of the printing press, but is actually worth nothing anymore.

There is only one way for the globalists to avoid sinking with the ship: make us totally dependent on them. They want to control everything, the production, the transportation, the land of our farmers, so that they can reform the money system and operate us like a bunch of puppets. We must be able to be controlled like a bunch of robots through a social passport that tells us what to buy, what to say and where to travel. We should be rewarded and punished with points that tell us what we can do and what we can’t.

The corona crisis is an afterthought, public health does not matter. It is a means, an opportunity to seize power. Without crisis no emergency law and without emergency law no measures and without measures no power.

The vaccine does not protect, but gives room to the crisis. Vaccinated people appear to become infected more quickly and more often and are just as contagious. They never gain sterile immunity and perpetuate the crisis.

And worse, because vaccinated don't get sterile immunity, they turn into incubators for new more virulent variants, so that the protection offered by the vaccine is short-lived and C-injections can be shot forever and the excuse of the corona passports are always needed.

Of course, it took obstinate people. Imagine if everyone had docilely taken the jab? What excuse would they have had for the corona passport? It was a divide and rule policy that the governments used. How many times in the past have we failed to establish a dictatorship through the stigmatization of a minority?

But now that the pass is there, we can't get rid of it. Slowly it makes its entrance in all places of society. In the Netherlands we need it in the hospitality industry or to travel to other countries. In many countries you are no longer even allowed to go to work without a pass. Through propaganda people are already trying to keep the unvaccinated from the hospitals. Soon you will no longer be able to manage a bank account or drive a car without a social passport or buy food. And so on. Until everyone gives in.

The unvaccinated have served their purpose. But now there is no room for them anymore. Why? Because unvaccinated people are the control group. They will soon show how worthless and dangerous the vaccines are.

But not just because of that.

Now take children. They are a large group that is hardly contagious and thanks to the strong innate immune system, they decisively deal with the virus before it can multiply. Children almost never get sick from the virus, so there is no reason why you should vaccinate them.

And that is troubling the New World Order: not vaccinated children really put a stop on the spread of the virus and the evolution toward more virulent variants. So jab them and stop their innate immuunsysteem, so they can be a obedient spreader.

When you jab children with the mRNA-injection, the vaccine partially disables their innate immune system so that the spike protein can better attach to the cell. This is how the vaccine works, but it also ensures that the virus can remain in the body longer. The result: the child becomes more contagious and the virus evolves, thanks to the selective vaccine threshold, towards more resistant variants, which means that new vaccines are constantly needed.

The mass vaccinations ensure a targeted evolution towards more dangerous variants (such as with 'Marek's disease). Only people who have already obtained natural immunity through an infection are protected (which is why they wanted to prevent this), or people who are repeatedly injected with genetically modified mRNA and who knows what else (also via the flu shot). Other groups that are not yet vulnerable will therefore become vulnerable in the future. The world's population is becoming almost totally dependent on the pharmaceutical industry. And dependent is more likely to be obedient.

That's the only good reason I can think of for forcing people to take a vaccine that had no benefits for the health of the population and makes herd immunity impossible. I'll keep the version of the 'vaccine given too early' in the back of my mind for a while. Some things you just can't keep secret. Although Rutte who quotes Abraham Kuyper keeps playing through my head. 

“In any successful attack on freedom, therefore, the state can never be but an accomplice. The main culprit remains the forgetful citizen himself who, in sense pleasure, lost his moral muscle strength, weakening, the power of own initiative.”

Oh, I forgot one possibility: that the cabinet is really trying to fight a virus. Apparently I am still a bit too naive and I find it difficult to give up my faith in humans. But given the facts and all the completely illogical interventions, this solution really seems too far fetched to me.